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Aquaculture and fishing can often be volatile industries to operate a business in. With external demands including foreign exchange movements, government regulations and global market conditions compounding to the every day pressures of running a business, we at GPK recognise the importance and necessity of delivering a wide range of specialised and timely  services to meet these needs.

Whether it be a cash flow budget, company restructure or high level tax
negotiation, we provide services that not only address your requirements but deliver a vital tool in the successful management of your enterprise.

Our highly trained team are fluent in all requirements facing the seafood industry today, and are in continual touch with current market conditions and trends. When combined with the level of experience we have in dealing with all levels of businesses within the industry, you can be assured that the highest quality, and technically proficient service will be provided to assist you in achieving your business's goals.

Aquaculture/Fishing Services

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