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At GPK we recognise the importance that employees contribute to the economy. Whether you are involved within the mining industry on a fly in fly out basis, a deckhand on a prawn boat, or a clerical officer to a business, we are committed to delivering a range of services specific to your needs.

Many firms consider the humble employee tax return to be a quick and simple affair. At GPK we do not, we strongly believe that  all people are entitled to the best strategies and knowledge available. This is why we ensure all our staff undergo extensive training in the latest and most relevant information for all types of industry, so as to deliver to you, the most advanced and reliable outcomes available.

Whilst tax returns are an essential service we deliver, we appreciate that there is more to life than a yearly compliance. At GPK we can assist you with a range of services, be it a finance application for a home loan, a cashflow budget to establish savings, or superannuation
advice to plan for retirement to name a few. We understand that many services are required from time to time over a person's lifetime and are strongly committed to developing relationships with you, to assist with your life's decisions on what ever journey you may choose.

Salary & Wage Earners Services

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