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Superannuation can often be the most complicated and confusing part of a person's financial
portfolio. At GPK we aim to assist you with your understanding and knowledge in this complex field. Be it the requirements surrounding a super contribution, to the establishment and audit of a self managed super fund, our highly trained staff are able to deliver the most technical and proficient advice for your needs.

At GPK we do not sell or promote any particular product. We offer sound, independent advice in order that we can assist you in understanding the numerous taxation complexities surrounding this area.

For self managed super funds, our staff undergo consistent and specialised training into all relevant government regulations and market strategies. We endeavour to install this knowledge to you, for your understanding and appreciation into the benefits and risks associated with the management of these financial vehicles, and subsequently deliver a high level of support for your needs.

With harsher penalties for non compliance and ever increasing regulations being imposed on self-managed super funds, it is of utmost importance that these financial vehicles be properly administered. At GPK our superannuation audit team can deliver on this responsibility. As well as meeting all government requirements for compliance we can also assist you with understanding and managing any risks or shortfalls that your super fund may have.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund Services

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