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SMSF Audit 

At GPK, we offer a complete SMSF Audit service, available to SMSF trustees and to Accounting and Financial professionals. Our highly qualified and experienced SMSF Audit team provide a comprehensive and fully compliant audit, achieving a level of assurance to be relied upon.

We conduct all audits in-house with no outsourcing or offshore processing, providing the highest level of security for you or your client's sensitive information. We do not on-sell any data for any data mining or statistical purposes.

At GPK, we believe in offering more than just meeting our compliance requirements. As part of our audit function we provide a level of communication and feedback with trustees, or their accountant, to ensure that all responsibilities can be achieved and thereby avoid potential contraventions. We feel pro-active education and understanding is the key to eliminating most problems associated with SMSF management and provides trustees with confidence in their role.

Professional Firms

With ever increasing complexity and responsibilities demanding further pressures on time, many professional firms are now choosing to outsource their superfund and SMSF audit requirements.

Our audit procedures for the professional can be tailored to your individual firm's needs. It can be as simple as sending us a file or as complex as a shoebox. Either way we will consult with you in order to achieve the most effective and cost efficient way to meet your needs.

We will additionally provide your firm with a simple and informative checklist making the process of meeting your audit requirements as simple as possible.

With many SMSF audit firms outsourcing their work, the risk and confidentiality of your client's data and documents can be extreme. As we do for our own clients, we at GPK place the utmost importance on the security of your client's information. We ensure all information remains on site and conduct all requirements of the audit function in house.

At GPK, we are more than aware of the highly competitive industry of accounting and financial services. Through our strict adherence to professional ethics we can ensure you, that your valuable clients are just that, yours. You can be assured that we will never endeavour to poach or coerce your clients to our firm with all direct communication being made through you.

We also offer a range of account packages tailored to your needs and complexities.

We at GPK take great pride toward the quality of our services and staff, and believe this will not only deliver you the benefit of a sound and reliable service but will help unlock your most valuable asset, your time!

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